Stepping games

Recently, special rehabilitation games aimed at training balance and improvement of stepping movements have been developed and are used in our clinic.

These games are controlled by the Dance Mat - a flat electronic game controller that is divided into a 3×3 matrix of square panels for the player to stand on, that corresponds to the actions within the game. To control the game you have to step on the relevant sector. This controller is low cost and can be freely bought in online computer games stores.

Stepping games are designed specifically for patients with movement disorders and help improve the stepping movements, balance, motor response speed and cognitive abilities. It is important that every game can be individually adjusted according to the patient's level of motor development.

Among the games there is a diagnostic game "Step Test" which allows to determine the reaction speed and the performance of stepping movements of each leg. It is an essential reference point for configuring the complexity of other games.

Stepping rehabilitation games are designed for training at home under remote supervision of the therapist. Home rehabilitation training is provided over the virtual Rehabilitation Gaming Center, published at

A short video about stepping rehabilitation games