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Biodynamical movement correction programm

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Updated: 14.07.2014


For more than 15 years intensive neurophysiological rehablitation system (INRS) - named after its author "Kozyavkin's method" - has been successfully used for treatment of patients with organic lesions of the nervous system.

Through activation of both internal compensatory potential and the plasticity of the nervous system, the effect of INRS is a new functional state in child's organism.

The next important step after the normalization of muscle tone and increase of the range of passive and active movements during a rehabilitation course, is to eliminate previous pathological movement patterns and to develop new, correct movements.

To solve the above problem, we created our new program of biodynamical correction of movements, a new component of INRS, based on principles of dynamic proprioceptive correction.

All exercises of this program will be carried out with use of special biodynamical correction suit "Spiral". This suit provides an application of additional exertion to certain joints. This creates forces for dynamic correction of the movements and the posture of the patient, and assists in acquiring new movement patterns.

An important part of the program is training with use of special computer games containing elements of virtual reality. These games increase patient's motivation to exercise and create a positive emotional background.
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