Mads Rye Svensson
Norway Kristiansand  TEL: 0047/38021146

After first treatment we could see something change in his tonus. He became more relaxed on less „tip top”. After three days of treatment Mads was very tired, but in the evening Mads who usually crawl much started to move (walk) only with his knees. He used a walker to balance the knee walker better. Later Mads start to get up of his legs in the morning without help. This is good because he is usually more spastik in the morning. Then he creeps to the refrigirator he takes out young hurt, fish oil. He also starts to sing without words and simulate conversations.
We have seen: better balans, strong trunk, better walking, independent knee walking, independent knee standing, more singing, more used, less spasticity.
Mather of Mads.
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