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A day of treatment

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Updated: 17.03.2017

Treatment course

At our clinic we give special care to our patients and we do our best to accommodate all their special need.

  The treatment course in our clinic or centre lasts for 2 weeks. After choosing the date of the session, you immediately notify the Registration Office at Phone No. (+38 03247 65200) or e-mail about the date and time of your arrival, so we can arrange transportation to the clinic. You also need to inform us about the kind of accommodation you want.

Immediately upon arrival you should report to the reception desk where you will be given the room number and key. At the reception desk you will also give them information about your child’s diet restrictions so they can make arrangements.

Initial Diagnosis:
It starts the following day of your arrival. You will be given the examination schedule at the reception desk. The examination includes the following: anthropometric measurements, video control of motor functions, medical evaluation and, if necessary, additional examinations are prescribed for the majority of patients.

  Patients' timetable is arranged to reduce the waiting time to the minimum. Our punctuality during the first treatment day depends substantially on you. Thus, you are requested not to be late. If you are not able to come at the specified time we ask you to notify the registration office in advance.

  During the initial diagnostics the doctor in charge estimates the patient's state of health, develops rehabilitation itinerary and determines an individualized rehabilitation program. The daily duration of therapeutic procedures varies from 1.5 to 4 hours per day depending on the patient's age, condition and degree of involvement.

  At 8 a.m. on the second day you will receive the treatment plan or the rehabilitation program at the reception desk. It is developed based on the patient's examination data, and adjusted to suit the child's age, his or her sleeping pattern and the parents’ requests.

  The patient will receive most procedures of the basic treatment during the first half of the day starting from 8:30 a.m. Exercises in "Spiral" biodynamic suit, and other additional treatment programs take place on the second half of the day.

  The most frequent first procedure is the special massage. Approximate duration of the massage is one hour. The key function of the massage is to prepare the patient’s body for the biomechanical correction of the spine.

  Biomechanical correction of the spine is performed by highly proficient trained doctors, and is performed in the massage room. The doctor in charge will carry out daily reflex therapy in the same room.

  After the massage session, a lot of patients are prescribed apiotherapy in the form of wax-paraffin wrapping. Approximate length of the treatment is about 15 minutes.

  All patients will receive daily mobilizing physical therapy to improve motor functions. The doctor in charge develops individual therapeutic exercises for each patient. Length of therapeutic physical therapy is about 30 minutes. Most of the patients, especially those who are on their second or more visits to the clinic, will receive joints mobilization for approximately 15-20 minutes.

  Rhythmical group therapy takes place twice a week. The groups are organized in accordance to the developmental level of patients.

  Some patients receive mechanotherapy, training on the treadmill, rehabilitation computer games and other activities depending on the doctors’ recommendations.

  "Final Diagnosis" and recommendations regarding patients’ exercises at home are provided at the end of the treatment course.

  In addition to the daily treatment plan, the following events take place during the rehabilitation course:

Meeting of parents with Professor V.I. Kozyavkin, the head of the clinic, or his deputies, during which he answers parents' questions about the program.

  The clinic holds fun events for the children like the Olympic Night. Each child will demonstrate their achievements and win prizes and the clinic’s golden medals award.

  There is also drawings contest and the participants will receive diplomas from our clinic.

  Final Farewell Party filled with music, songs, games and dancing. The performance of professional artists makes it even more fun. During this party the clinic’s staff will get a chance to meet with the patients, their families and friends in a fun filled atmosphere. The following day patients go back home with fond memories of a time well spent in the clinic.
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