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Updated: 14.07.2014

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Author: Neelama Schiesser
Posted: Sep 15 2006 - 10:03 AM
Subject: questions about my son
Hello Dr.

We have just received the reading for our son's MRI.

Kai is one year old and has been diagnosed with the following conditions:

1. P-Acc (a partial -- 50% development of his corpus callosum)

2. hypotonia (low muscle tone)

3. developmental delays -- gross motor skills

4. smaller brain (microcephaly)

We are currently doing PT, OT and reflexology.

We are looking for a place to undergo more 'intensified' treatment and wondered whether this clinic be a place that could help him given his condition?

The neurologist did not say he had CP.

Thanks for your thoughts on this matter

Neelama Schiesser
Author: Бабадагли М.О.
Posted: Sep 15 2006 - 10:11 AM
Subject: re: questions about my son
Dear Neelama Schiesser
Thank you for the question. In our clinic we have large experience in the treatment of patients with different neurological diseases including microcephaly and brain anomalies. In many cases we have reached good results.
Described in your short letter MRI symptoms are not the contraindications for our treatment.
But to answer weather the treatment is indicated or not we need to review recent medical records of you son.
So please send them to us per email of fax +38 03247 65220
Author: Michael Schiesser
Posted: Sep 15 2006 - 10:19 AM
Subject: Costs
We are wondering what the 2 week stay of our
1 year old son with one parent would cost.
And what would be the costs, if both of us come along.

Thank you

Michael Schiesser
Author: Reception of the clinic
Posted: Sep 15 2006 - 10:19 AM
Subject: re: Costs
Dear Mr. Schiesser
The price for two week course of treatment for a small child is 2495 Euro.
Accomodation with full board for one person and child 1 year would be 45 euro per day. Two adults with a child - 90 euro per day with full board.
Author: daina
Posted: Jan 23 2008 - 10:03 AM
Subject: re: questions about my son
Hi Dr. I have a 2 year boy he was born premature at 30 weeks we been getting ot,pt and oral speech therapy here in the usa but my son is cp with spatic on the legs and is mild he crawls and he pulls up any where in the house or just any where we go and he just stared crusing about a month a go and i want to know if my son will be a good candidate for the clinic by him doing all of this things he wears sure steps and when i taken them off he starts crusing on his tipi toes and his right leg kind of opens to the side just a little bit and he does walk with holding my hands and now trying to walk holding only one hand of my, so please i going crazy to find out about it because he has done alot of progress so far if i need to wait to see if he getting to walk of what one Dr said he is not cp but the other Dr said he is also he is profoundly death and he wears a choclear implant in the right ear since 02/26/07 and activated on 03/26/07 and his got about close to 60 to 70 words and animals sounds to please help me i am single mom and really i want to know if spending the money is worthed and is some that i really don't have thank you very much.[/quote]
Author: Oleh Kachmar
Posted: Feb 13 2008 - 01:30 PM
Subject: re: questions about my son
Dear Daina
Thank you for the interest in our treatment system.
Please could you send recent medical reports of the boy to our clinic by email - or fax +38 03247 65220.
Our doctors will review the documets and try to answer your questions.

With best wishes
Oleh Kachmar, MD
Author: Alexa
Posted: Mar 10 2008 - 08:14 PM
Subject: re: questions about my son
Please, my girlfriend has a boy 2 yers and he has a TETRAPAREZA SPASTICA, PLEASE could you tell as an INFORMATION WHAT CAN SHE DWING FROM HER CHILD. Gimnastik, treatment, please. We are in the Romania - Bucharest, what can I do, how.
Thank you very much, I whait an answer - Bucharest-Romania
Author: Oleh Kachmar, MD
Posted: Mar 12 2008 - 02:46 PM
Subject: re: questions about my son
Dear Alexa
In our Clinic we are treating patinets with different forms of Cerebral Palsy, including Spastic Tetraplegia. For the patients we are providing two week intensive course of treatment and after that give recomendations for parents for the follow up treatment at home. If you would like, you could send recent medical records of the child to us (email: Our doctors will review the case and answer your questions about possible treatment in the clinic. Such remote consultation is free.

With best wishes
Oleh Kachmar, MD
Total Posts: 8 - Pages (1): [1]
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