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Author: Ferenczi-Tarta Cristina
Posted: Jan 28 2012 - 10:46 PM
Subject: Very low muscle development
My son was birth on 27 of january 2011, at 39 weeks, with a normal pregnancy, without problems. He was birth with 3500g, Apgar 10. On the 7-th day from birth, we took him to hospital becouse he did not eat or sleep. He had sepsys, infected with E-colli. He was treated 20 days with antibyotics. Then we stayed home for one month.
Then he had fever and we took him to the hospital, again. (Till that moment, he did not gained weight at all. He was feed with mother milk and normal formula, then with Infatrini and reggular milk formula. At 2 months old, he had 3.125 kg. ) He had sespys again, with E-colli and enterococ. He was treated again with antibyotics.
At 4 months old, during the second hospitalisation, doctors suspected he had Galactosemia. But he had no relevant signs of this genetic desease: no diareea, no vomiting on a diet based on normal milk..
After coming back home, he had a bone fissured and he stayed immobilised for two weeks from belly down, on both legs.
We started giving him no lactose milk formula, and he began to gain weight.
After the doctors told us we can safely move his legs, he barely moved on his own. He has a poor muscle development. Now he is one year old, we took him to massage and the neurologist recomended the Vojta Treatment method, we give him L-carnitine, Vitamins, Piracetam, Tonotyl-N.
But he still barely moves his head when layng on his back. When sitting up, with our help, he keeps his head only for a few seconds, one minute at the most. On hands and feets he made some improvements,, he grabs small things, he puts his finger into his mouth, and push with both legs.

I am writting to you becouse maybe you can help my boy. In a few days we will go to Italy to have a genetic analysys, my son, my husband and I, to be sure if he has Galactosemia or not. My son was tested in september 2011, and he has the mutation of classical Galactosemia.
Total Posts: 1 - Pages (1): [1]
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