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Author: Dr. Halyna Lun
Posted: Sep 15 2006 - 09:53 AM
Subject: Invitation
Dear patients,
Dear parents.
Patients and parents are often asking medical advice regarding diagnosis, prescribed treatment and other recommendations.
We are always trying to help them and provide with professional advice.

To make our medical consultations more accessible and easier (not go to other city, make an appointment, wait it the list) our clinic is introducing online medical consultations.

Now our medical consultations are free.

You could simply ask your questions related to the health of your child and we’ll try to give an answer.

With best wishes
Halyna Lun, MD, PhD
Vice director of the International Clinic of Rehabilitation

P.S. Do not forget to indicate the patient’s age, complaints, examination data and current treatment.
We would like to emphasize that our consultations are only informational (advisory).
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