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Author: Abid
Posted: Dec 29 2011 - 02:35 PM
Subject: Treatment For Cerebral Palsy
Subject: Delay Milestone For Baby

Hello Doctor!
As i have 7 year child who is Cerebral Palsy Dystonic
Know after 7 year we have new born baby.
My New Baby was born normal delivery and have no problems/
But as she grew up know she is 6 months but she cannot sit and cannot hold the milk bottle.
She have reflexes ok but we are much worru for her.
So can you guide me what we should do know.
As we make check for our daugther but doctor say the reflexes in baby is ok.
We are very much tenses for our baby as we have our son who is CP.
Please inform us what we should do.
Kindly advise me.
Waiting for your answer.
Adil (Father)
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