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Updated: 27.10.2008

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            »VII Annual Conference on CP in Moscow
            »Baltic Congress on Child Neurology
            »The Conference of the European Academy of Childhood Disability in Amsterdam
            »Rehabilitation congress in Dubai
            »XI Ukrainian-Bavarian Symposium
            »Child Neurology Congress in Amsterdam
            »Conference "Young sports science of Ukraine"
            »Scientific conference in physical rehabilitation
            »The annual Conference on Cerebral Palsy in Moscow
            »27th Annual Conference of the European Academy of Childhood Disability
            »Conference on Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
            »Conference in Moscow
            »10th Bavarian-Ukrainian Symposium
            »Conference of the European Academy of Childhood Disability
            »Research workshop "ICTs for improving Patient Rehabilitation Research Techniques"
            »III Annual Conference on Cerebral Palsy in Moscow
            »Azov Sea Workshop
            »IV Baltic Congress of Pediatric Neurology
            »Strategy and tactics of non-drug treatment in rehabilitation practice
            »Cerebral palsy and other movement disorders in children
            »4th International Cerebral Palsy Conference
            »IV International Symposium "Innovative technologies in medical rehabilitation"
            »9th International Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies
            »First Pan-Slavic Congress of Child Neurology
            »10th All-Russian Congress of Neurology
            »24th Annual Meeting of European Academe of Childhood disability
            »II International Scientific and Practical Conference in Lublin
            »III International Symposium “Innovative Technologies in Medical Rehabilitation”
            »Ukraine-Japan International Workshop
            »Online lectures
            »II International Congress "Neurorehabilitation-2010"
            »Міжнародний та ІХ Український конгрес дитячих неврологів
            »Symposium in Truskavets
            »“Від міфів до фактів” – щорічна зустріч Європейської академії дитячої інвалідності
            »Conference held at the European Parliament
            »Conference in Oslo
            »Brain Plasticity in Rehabilitation
            »The Conference of the European Academy of Childhood Disability
            »Congress in Slovenia
            »Telemedicine: myths and reality
            »III National Congress of Neurologists, Psychologists and Narcologists of Ukraine
            »European Academy of Childhood Disability Meeting
            »Personal Health Systems 2007
            »7th Framework Program in Poland
            »Problems of Complex Rehabilitation of Children with Cerebral Palsy
            »Workshop in Oslo
            »Kongress om Kozyavkin-metoden in Oslo
            »VII International Ukrainian - Bavarian Symposium
            »100 anniversary of neurology chair
            »National CP Meeting in Netherlands
            »CP and Conductive Education
            »A workshop Seminar in New-York
            »The Second National Congress in Kharkov
            »An International Congress Presentation
            »At the V International Ukrainian-Bavarian Symposium
            »"Ein Herz für Kinder"-Action in Berlin
            »At International Symposium in Eupatorium
    »Post graduate education
        »Program and schedule
        »Online courses
    »Eastern European Academy of Childhood Disability
    »Our publications
            »Kozyavkin Method - Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System
            »Braditrothic Tissues
            »Rehabilitation Principles for Motor Dysfunctions According to Kozijavkin Method
            »Respiratory Disorders in Children with Cerebral Palsy and their Changes in the Process of Rehabilitation According to Kozijavkin Method
            »Informational Technologies in Standardization and Management of Rehabilitation According to Kozijavkin Method
            »Basics of Motor Disorders Rehabilitation According to Kozijavkin Method
            »Kinesiotherapy in Kozijavkin Method
            »Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System. Kozijavkin method.
            »Cerebral Palsy. Basics of clinical and rehabilitation diagnostics
            »Cerebral Palsy. Medical-psychological problems.
            »Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System (method of Prof. V.I.Kozijavkin). Research works.
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»About CP
    »About CP
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