Volodymyr Kozijavkin participates at the All-Ukrainian intellectualls forum
On March 27th 2008, the All-Ukrainian intellectualls forum took place in Kyiv with President Viktor Yushchenko of Ukraine participating in it.

It was the National Opera of Ukraine that hosted more than 1200 guests representing both Ukrainian and foreign intellectual elites. Eager to discuss the basic principles and the main priorities of the Ukrainian humanitarian policy-making, the participants did their best to contribute to the creation of the new Concept of Humanitarian Development in Ukraine.

Volodymyr Kozijavkin, the director of the International Rehabilitation Clinic, was one of those invited to share their vision and understanding of various humanitarian issues, the ones concerning medicine in particular. In his report, the vital importance of implementing various innovative technologies in the field of medicine was particuliarly stressed on. Volodymyr Kozijavkin appealed for drastic and fundamental reforms essential for Ukraine's healthcare system, describing both international and his own experiences Ukraine is sure to derive enormous benefits from. The rehabilitation clinic in Truskavets serves as a vivid example of the fact that nothing is impossible. All is about changing wishing into doing.
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