Biomarkers in CP
The International Clinic of Rehabilitation in conjunction with TIPOgen AS (www.tipogen.com) has established a research project that will identify, characterize and correlate biomarkers from children diagnosed with neuro-developmental diseases, especially Cerebral Palsy.
This biomarker initiative will seek to develop novel tools using translational research methods to diagnose, prognose and theranose children at an earlier age. “This project represents an important step in biomedical research by generating tight and novel links between the clinicians and researchers to solve critical issues” says Dr. Frank Hoover, Chief Executive Officer of TIPOgen.

More information will be forthcoming on both the International Clinic of Rehabilitation and TIPOgen homepages, as well as the joint venture home page, www.cp-marker.com
Phase I of this project has begun, and this project is partially funded by Innovasjon Norway.  
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